Wilde-Confucian Suffragette Movement . . .


The_Boyle_Wedding_Cover_for_Kindle The Boyle Royal Wedding by Anne Cestors.

We cast “Yu-Anne Zhe” as a beautiful romantic comedienne in order to see how the Chinese Yuan might perform against a basket of other currencies.

Out of this came a Suffragette Movement with a dimple of diffident difference.

Talk about the tale wagging the dog!


“Wilde-Confucian Suffragettes” 


Anne Cestors. 


In years yet to come, the pundits will say 

When Wilde met Confucius, I remember the day

Britain and America, had their wedding in May

But Ireland and China, got caught in the fray. 


Hell hath no romance, as furious as theirs

A smile had empowered, a mountain of cares

Taboos by the mile, erupting through layers

Joy that came stealing, an answer to prayers.


Gifts of sweet tenderness, locked up in a soul

Simply need tapestry, their value to foal

Expelled to the margins, no longer a toll

Now singing proud songs, with love its new goal.


                        — The Boyle Royal Wedding XXX.